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On-line marketing can put what you offer in front of a potential consumer at the right moment.

Google Partner Adwords Agency

In our team, Jamie is a “Google Partner”. This is awarded on the basis of qualifications, experience, customer service and quality. To determine this, Google monitor the accounts that Jamie manages.  Additionally he has to take (and pass) at least two Google exams a year, which ensure that he has the latest product knowledge.

  • When monitoring the quality of the accounts that Jamie manages Jamie has spent recent years being consistently told by Google, that in the UK, he is in the top 2%.
  • Jamie recently compared a clients AdWords income and spend with the same month from the year before, when we didn’t manage their account. A 64% increase in revenue for a 9% increase in AdWords spend.
  • For another client of ours, who moved away from Jamie managing their account, within 3 months their site traffic dropped by 50%. Their total Google Advertising spend dropped by 10%, but the per advert cost went up by 29% and their conversions dropped by 30%.

Google Partner status is a sign that clients receive a high level of service: that their accounts are updated with the latest Google products; and that they are effectively managed and monitored to ensure a strong return on investment.

  • Market research
  • Industry and competitor analysis
  • Target new markets and products/services
  • Find new potential audiences
  • Understand these new audiences
  • Marketing strategy
  • Build clear digital strategy
  • Target gaps in the market
  • Address the interests and needs of your audience
  • Add value to your website
  • Internet advertising
  • Google AdWords Partners
  • Microsoft Bing and Yahoo advertising platform
  • Remarketing to previously targeted website visitors
  • Monitor and manage ongoing advert performance