Web Design

Offering a combined service allows our client Websites to maximise ROI

For many audiences, an organisation’s Website is now a standard source of information, and a key way to communicate. For our clients, their Website is usually a core part of their marketing strategy and brand identity.

Our Approach

Our approach is to balance our strong skills and experience in the areas of design, programming, business value, marketing and ongoing maintenance, to give our clients a Web site that is an asset to their business and builds on their existing brand identity through positive user experiences.

User experience is the quality of experience a person has when interacting with a brand. It encompasses all aspects of how users use your product or service, focusing strongly on usability and ease of use, accessibility, aesthetics and overall user engagement.

What We Deliver

Often clients come to us with a blank sheet of paper and we design a Website from scratch or bring structure to a continually expanding Web site, develop an online visual language in line with their brand, or test and improve an existing Websites usability and accessibility.

All of this work is undertaken through a flexible and well established methodology, supporting industry standard guidelines concerning how code is written, issues of usability and accessibility, and always with the wider context of brand, marketing and communications in mind.

By integrating a highly creative, user centred design process with the latest, relevant technologies, we deliver an online experience to meet your business objectives, support your brand and business strategy and ensure the best possible return for your investment.

Contact Us

To learn more about what we can offer you and to talk specifics please contact:
Rory Jenkins
Tel: 0845 370 93 00
Email: rory@embado.com

Our Core Services

  • User experience design
  • Creative and conceptual ideas, graphic design and copy writing that bring your site and brand to life
  • Fast, flexible and robust solutions conforming to industry standards
  • Technical development, maintenance and support
  • Online promotion, marketing and search engine optimisation
  • Targeted and managed email and newsletter campaigns
  • Stable hosting platforms with up times of 99.9%
  • On going management and maintenance of Website
  • Pro active research and feedback with regards to future development
  • Website usage statistics and reports