Understanding how well your Website is working is key to your online success

By using proven analytical processes and tools, we can tell you what is and what isn’t working well on your Website. We can also give you statistics on things such as conversion rates, and the effectiveness of your marketing communications.

Our Approach

Knowing what is and isn’t working doesn’t necessarily tell you why something isn’t working. And not knowing ‘why’ is critical, because it stops you optimising your site and user experience which will have a negative impact on your brand. We use the total user experience model as the foundation of our approach to defining, reporting and improving the user experience.

What We Deliver

The total user experience models the user’s approach to each interactive experience in its real-world context, which leads to effective recommendations for any product or goal. It helps us work out the ‘why’ for you, through qualitative research that explores the causes and tests the solutions in detail with representative samples.

Usability testing is not something that just happens at the end of a project. At various points throughout the project lifecycle we continue to employ our proven testing methodologies which we tailor to each situation. Whether it’s reviewing an existing site as part of requirements gathering, or testing prototypes to validate the information architecture, this continual engagement with the end user provides ongoing quality assurance that ensures we deliver a solution that’s not only usable, but also useful and successful.

Web Site Content

A lot of clients ask us for tips on creating Website content.

Contact Us

To learn more about what we can offer you and to talk specifics please contact:
Rory Jenkins
Tel: 0845 370 93 00

Our Core Services

    • User experience design
    • Customer data analysis
    • Detailed research of your products and services
    • Consumer research and analysis
    • Usability auditing and analysis
    • Accessibility auditing and analysis
    • Competitor analysis
    • Customer analysis
    • Campaign analysis
    • Focus groups
    • Questionnaires
    • User testing