Legals: Standard Quote Cost Notes

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Standard Cost Notes for all Quotes

Note 1

All prices are net of VAT.

Note 2

Payment structure:
40% upon project acceptance – payable upon invoice presentation.
40% upon presentation of any Work for approval – payable 30 days from invoice presentation.
20% balance on finalisation of any Work – payable 30 days from the invoice presentation.
We will invoice you for all our fees.

Note 3

We operate a 10% contingency system, where if our actual time/cost to undertake a job is more than 10% above the original time/cost estimates (as laid out in this proposal), due to changes to the brief / job by the client, then we reserve the right to charge for additional time/costs. We will notify you as soon as this becomes apparent.

Note 4

It has been assumed that all text (and where possible images) will be supplied in an acceptable electronic format.

Note 5

The quote is to be considered a package. If you wish to select only some elements of the quote then we will re-quote on that basis.

Note 6

All quotes are valid for 30 days from supply.

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