Project Management

Things need to happen on time, on budget and in a way that keeps everyone happy

Project and account management is getting things done properly by people, on time and to budget and thrives on people and relationships. With extensive industry experience, we can handle any situation and work with teams from any discipline.

What We Do

Our team is superbly rewarding to work with. Everything we do, from simple emails to intricate multilingual site deployments to complex database applications, needs planning, organising, managing and delivering. Everything we do also needs to match, support and meet your business objectives and vision. This is what our project management team does, working in synergy with you at all times.

Our Approach

Our approach to project management is based on the key principle of getting things done properly by people, on time and to budget. This approach allows for flexibility in selecting the process standardisation and continuous improvement models that work best for each client, but are established around certain basic conditions that define the:

  • Objectives
  • Methodology
  • Deliverables
  • Quality standards
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Schedule
  • Critical path
  • Financial plan

Our strengths in project and account management and processes are all supported by robust quality checks and project managers who employ these proven methodologies. They’re extremely professional, and know how to manage projects properly to minimise risks. They’ll keep you informed about the status of a project, and explain the impact of any issues. This will enable you to make informed decisions, in line with your business objectives.

This methodology is never excessive for the size of the project. Having all these services under the one roof means that we can develop and refine projects quickly. Our coordinated approach means no unexpected surprises, so projects run smoothly and on-target, right from the start. This is combined with our application of robust quality checks, and complemented by highly professional technical, content, design and production departments.

Our Approach

  • Flexible approach to deliver projects in budget and on time
  • Process standardisation and best practice models
  • Robust quality checking
  • Clear and open client communication
  • Risk assessment in line with your business objectives and vision
  • 100% coordinated approach