Creative Development

Creative excellence begins with the ‘big idea’, the thought behind the experience

All our projects are based on proven analysis, insight and planning. The aesthetic of any project is informed by the user and customer research we carry out, nothing is ever produced just because it ‘looks good’!

Creative Excellence

Before pencil ever touches pager we make sure our design teams have a complete understanding of the project objectives and business requirements. Only then do we begin the creative development process, producing engaging, user-friendly design that talks to the audience and is targeted at the project goals.

Our typographers, illustrators, designers and art directors all share a passion for great design, beatuiful imagery and well thought out structures. Each creative solution is tailored to the specific requirements of each project through extensive collaboration and feedback within the team and through the client, leading to a diverse output of work. This ensures fresh solutions to the many challenges each project throws up and helps deliver solutions that promote a positive user experience.

Our Approach

  • User experience design
  • Creative and conceptual ideas
  • Web Design
  • Interactive Design
  • Integrate online and offline communications
  • Print Design
  • Design corporate literature
  • Create a new brand identity
  • Develope an existing brand identity
  • Illustration
  • Animation