Analysing, understanding and acting on user and customer behaviour/requirements is key to a successful project

We use a proven, flexible methodology to gain the insight required to understand the project objectives and business requirements correctly, delivering a successful strategy for each individual project.

Analysis & Insight

Analysis & insight is key to knowing how a project will and is working. Understanding the user and customer behaviour/requirements means we can develop a project strategy that can deliver measurable results. We can track the success of your project against your business and marketing objectives and tell you what is and isn’t working well. We can measure your project’s structural effectiveness or conversion rates, and recommend how to optimise them by studying 5 key areas:

  • How many – the ‘audience reach’ metric = Unique Users
  • How busy – the ‘volume’ metric = Page Impressions
  • How often – the ‘frequency’ metric = Visits
  • What’s seen – the ‘opportunity to see’ metric = Ad Impressions
  • What’s done – the ‘response’ metric = Ad Clicks

We also undertake a range of user and customer research to inform the design process, developing customer experiences that marry your business objectives to your customers’ wants and needs.


Analysis and research provide important client and customer insights, but these need turning into action. Our planning services provide a springboard for excellent creativity, by developing strategies that will optimise marketing campaigns, project performance and user experience. This creates a focused plan that’s highly effective, and reactive to both tactical and strategic marketing requirements. The result is high response rates, accurate tracking and measuring, and very happy customers.

We evaluate what customer information you need to analyse project performance, learn more about behaviour and drive campaign effectiveness. We advise on appropriate and engaging mechanisms (the ‘how’ and the ‘when’) for collating this information – without deterring or disrupting the user experience.

Our Approach

  • Web site analytics
  • Customer analysis
  • Campaign analysis
  • Usability testing
  • User experience design
  • Online surveys
  • In depth interviews and focus groups
  • Integrated communication and data planning
  • Project planning
  • Project management