About Us

With over 19 years expert experience we are ideally positioned to help our clients

Established in early 1995, we’re a diverse and experienced team made up of designers, art workers, technology experts, production specialists, information architects, developers, writers and strategists.


We are a multi-disciplined, UK based design agency with an international client base helping them to develop competitive, innovative and valued brands, based on our insights into multiple media, markets and people.

Listen, Understand, Deliver

Our approach is to use our skills and experience to evaluate and then deliver the agreed best value solutions. We organise all aspects of a project based on insight, analysis, planning, development and testing, which are all expertly managed and form the strategy of the project.

We work in a relaxed and open, but dynamic, environment, where it’s easy to exchange knowledge and where many of our skills overlap. With clients that range from entrepreneurs to multinationals, we offer a wide range of creative solutions that are always tailored to fit the particular needs of our clients.

This approach of delivering appropriate cost effective solutions has given us over 10 years of ongoing repeat and referral business success. Typically, our client relationships last for many years and develop through all kinds of communications channels.

A bit of our History

We started in London, where for a while we had an Islington high street office and we all commuted to and from work.

In early 2004 we began the slow process of evolving our structure to what we see as more successful and ecologically sustainable. Almost all of us have moved out of London and work from home or from small offices near where we live. We’ve reduced daily commuting and improved the quality of life for the team. The team is now smaller but our network is now bigger. The central core team have the the big picture and use project appropriate trusted partners to get the right skills for the right job. This gives our clients a customised team according to their needs.

In our 19 + year history the majority of our clients have come to us via word of mouth recommendation and repeat business.

Why are we called Embado?

We had a truly shocking initial name. When we moved to new offices, we saw the move as an opportunity to hand out new contact details and a new name. Embado comes from an ancient Greek word meaning ‘area’, as we deal with the Internet area of our clients businesses.

What We Do
How We Do It